GASC 2018

The Generative Anthropology Society and Conference (GASC) is pleased to announce the theme of its 12th annual summer conference: „Generative Anthropology and Transdisciplinary Inquiry: Religion, Science, Language, Culture”. The confernce will be held at the Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw (UKSW), not far from the center of the city, although it is located in the middle of Bielanski Forest and its natural environment.
Warsaw, a heart of Poland since XVII century is a historic and very beautiful city with many attractions and usually beautiful weather in June.


Previous GA conferences :

GASC 2017 : Pre-human, Human, Post-human: GA and Mimetic Theory in Conversation with Cognitive Studies.,
Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden

GASC 2016 :  Cultural Universals, Cultural Specifics, and Globalization: On the Applicability of Generative Anthropology,
Kinjo Gakuin University, Nagoya, Japan

GASC 2015: Models and the Human, Analog and Digital,
High Point University, High Point , USA

GASC 2014: Deferral, Discipline, Knowledge,
University of Victoria, Victoria, Canada

GASC 2013 : Putting the Human Back into the Humanities,
University of California in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, USA  

GASC 2012: Apocalypse, Utopia and Cultural Change,
International Christian University,  Tokyo, Japan

GASC 2011: An Anthropology of Exchange: The Market Model of Human Society,
High Point University , High Point, North Carolina, USA

GASC 2010: The Anthropology of Modernity: The Sacred, Science, and Aesthetics,
Westminster College, Salt Lake City, Utah and Brigham Young University ,
Provo, Utah, USA

2009: The Question of Transcendence: The Sacred, the Human, and Modern Culture ,
University of Ottawa , Ottawa, Canada

2008: Esthetic History and Knowledge of the Human,
Chapman University , Orange, California, USA

2007: Generative Anthropology Thinking Event, University of British Columbia, sponsored by
Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Vancouver, BC, Canada

1990: Generative Anthropology: Origin and Representation
[Originary GA Conference], , University of California in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, USA  

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